Karuna™ Technology Software & Consulting

karuna-logo-3If you stop to imagine someone awesome at their craft, like… lets say an auto mechanic, or an interior designer. That’s usually the first person pops in your brain because you know they can fix and solve just about anything. No matter how complex over the years, when I needed that crucial tech fix, it’s been very helpful to know the best in the software and information technology business.

So after all the amazingly de-tangled bundles of yarn.. I’ve partnered with a good friend and colleague engineer gurus Santosh Aryal, along with his partner Mandip Poudel, from Kathmandu Nepal. Together we formed the company Karuna™. Karuna™ develops mobile apps, provides technology consulting services and web applications for our clients on an international scale

Of course this is a brief introduction, our Karunateam will have ready the web platform and applications by end of Spring 2015 open for client service.


President – Karuna™