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CREATE-PRO-CONSTRUCTIONConstruction and engineering is one of those things that run in the family. I started in March of 2015 perusing my general contractor license, later on in the year I founded Createpro Construction. I soon formed a niche in the market and now collaborating with my business partner Reg Harrison, who is now a partner of Createpro. Reg is a highly effective leader who shares the business acumen, all the refined aesthetics and insight to perpetuate the broad vision of the container-home construction, and Real Estate industry. Each members brings new life to a solution based yet disruptive emerging market.

In June we met with Adam Kadesh Pohland who is now an outside investor for Createpro. Adam conducts business as CEO for SKT Holdings Ltd and is prolific as one of the leading portfolio investors for IP Global Ltd.

Createpro is the southeast premier sustainable container-home builders, located in Atlanta Georgia. Founded in 2015, we are shifting the paradigm in the construction industry by incorporating the finest aesthetics with eco-friendly smart-home architecture. By merging cost competitive engineering solutions with scenic mountain, lake, and riverfront properties, Createpro offer clients exclusive access to invest in the best real-estate opportunities.”

We made a visit to see how our new containers were built.75fde615b5da9444a06ebb4b84713d9aContainer-being-builtcontainer_1_top_form_rightcreatepro-container-hotel-149421fafecccdff985bee8833b559f96367ac8257a11248f000319c3676de0bd3




Ishaqq Rahim

CEO | Createpro Construction